Astoria Plus 4 You

Plus 4 You is a machine from Astoria’s Green Line: True to what DANDO stand for, these machines have a low environmental impact and can reduce consumption by up to 47.6%* compared to traditional coffee machines.

Quality is ensured by an innovative control system that manages the single groups in all phases of coffee extraction, from pre-infusion to dispensing.

A thermal control device allows Plus 4 You to combine maximum performance with the most suitable temperature. Simultaneously, the system compares the parameters of the single servings with pre-set optimal values and, based on the characteristics of the coffee being used, provides real-time information on the product in the cup.

If coffee extraction is not perfect, Plus 4 You suggests on the display the appropriate corrective actions. Each brewing group has its own tank and so it is possible to adjust the machine at different temperatures for different coffee blends and thus always guarantee maximum stability and yield in the cup