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Q: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Mynhardt: “For four days in the week I am abruptly woken up by my alarm while it is still dark, jump into my cycling kit and head out for an early morning training ride with the club. The rest of the week I take a quick shower and start my shift at the day job.”


Q: Is there something even your close friends do not know about you? 
Mynhardt: “I try and be as open and transparent as possible to those that are closest to me. As a committed introvert, it remains a struggle to continuously share my thoughts, emotions and internal mechanics. If there were something my close friends did not know about me, I’d rather tell them in person before writing it here for all of you guys to read! 😉 ”


Q: If you were a biscuit, which would you be?
Mynhardt: “Oooo definitely some version of Scottish shortbread! Crunchy and sweet.”


Q: What is the hardest part of competing at this level?
Mynhardt: “Definitely the ability to navigate the tensions between working, training and spending time with friends and family. Being a non-professional athlete presents all kinds of challenges connected with planning time, budgets and relational responsibilities. When it comes to training, the hardest part is probably working a full day, spending quality time at home and still being able to take the first step out the door the next morning at 4:30am.”


Q: Why did you decide to become a DANDO Ambassador?
Mynhardt: “I love to work and be involved in the intersection between business, sport and social investment. Becoming a Dando ambassador ideally positioned me to make a difference using all three these areas of influence. Also, I couldn’t choose a more generous and authentic community of people to do this with, than the Dando Ambassador team.”



Home Town» Stellenbosch
Occupation» Creative Communications
Age» 41
Motto» “While on the bike, if you can make friends with pain, you’ll never be alone again.”

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