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Q: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Friedl: “I brush my teeth, no compromise there. It is a close contest for second place between making my first cup of coffee and tending to my dog’s needs.”


Q: Is there something even your close friends do not know about you? 
Friedl: “I most certainly think so yes… I am sure there are a couple of things even I do not know about myself! If you know something, please tell me ­čÖé ”


Q: If you were a biscuit, which would you be?
Friedl: “Eet-Sum-More. Straight forward, no hidden agendas. Quite hard to soften up, but once you do┬áit will be worth while.”


Q: What is the hardest part of competing at this level?
Friedl: “I guess setting time aside to put in the necessary effort, especially with a new discipline. For me this would be swimming. Participating in extreme events such as Ironman requires extensive training, even in the disciplines your are familiar with.”


Q: Why did you decide to become a DANDO Ambassador?
Friedl: “Getting to do the things we like whilst less fortunate people can benefit from it, is an amazing opportunity. To be part of a group of people with the same passion for giving, sharing the same vision, is an added bonus.”



Home Town» Cape Town
Occupation» Entrepreneur
Age» 39
Motto┬╗ Sometimes there is no next time, no timeouts and no second chances. Sometimes it is NOW OR NEVER!

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