Our Passion

Whether perfection exists or can be achieved, is just as important to us as the strive towards achieving it. This is something that can be seen throughout every aspect of anything we put our minds to. It is the strive towards perfection that leads us to innovate, challenge everything, improve on the current and achieve greatness through simplicity.

Our passion? It is simple really; be the best at whatever we do, achieve the unimaginable against all odds, challenge the norm, manufacture and produce products of unmatched quality, unrivalled innovation and unsurpassed superiority. This is DANDO’s passion, this is our obsession and these are the fundamental standards we live by.

What Drives Us?

Our name “Dando™” is derived from the Spanish term for “we give” or “giving”. And that’s what DANDO™ is all about, giving opportunities.

Teaching young and old about the value of good animal husbandry as well as the importance of sterilisation of companion animals. Empathy is the key to healthy communities and their pets.
Rescue and re-homing:
Offering a second chance to desperately needy animals through rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing.
Living condition interventions:
We strive to not only sterilise companion animals, but where needed, to drastically increase their quality of life. This is obtained through the distribution of kennels, runners, medical interventions and vaccinations..