de JONG DUKE Virtu 96|46

Fresh whole bean espresso, filter fresh coffee or instant beverages in a proven concept.  The Virtu offers a suitable solution for every demand.  Pleasant to use and easy to maintain, the Virtu is optimised for performance and has n low total cost of ownership.

One look, many possibilities.  The Virtu range has two machine sizes that can feature the CoEx®, filterfresh® or instant technology.  With customised configurations and selections, a large touch screen, visible beans and the innovative® online software, the Virtu is a versatile platform.  Various possible options include payment systems, extended capacities, base cabinets and a fresh milk system.

The Virtu 90 combines all features to ensure a perfect coffee supply in your office: beans are freshly grinded, coffees and espressos freshly brewed with a paperless brewer and the machine dispenses a cup when this is necessary.

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