Hector Viljoen

Hector Viljoen

/ Dando Coffee

This is DANDO’s mission, passion and obsession. A simple idea created through complex means: years of experience; unmatched knowledge of coffee; unrivalled skill at roasting; the pioneering of innovative, enabling technologies; and a group of friends' entrepreneurial passion.



There is a taste, a feel, an aroma that is all DANDO’s own. Velvety, immediately sweet, delicately balancing floral and fruity notes with caramel, toast and chocolate, naturally fragrant with aromas of almond and honey.  You just might hold the sugar, for the very first time.

This is balance that comes only from a blend: the DANDO blends made from more than 10 of the highest-order Arabica beans, selected and directly purchased by DANDO from farms spanning four continents.  Each individual bean contributing to a greaterwhole, for the pleasure of those who appreciate all that coffee can and should be.

In the cup, the DANDO coffee becomes a symphony: rich, full, multi-faceted, yet subtle, comprised of immensely talented soloists, each coaxed to their finest performance under the hand of an expert conductor.