Quality starts from the very beginning

Our story started with a relentless search for that ever-elusive
‘perfect cup’ of coffee. Admittedly, we were a little obsessed.

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Our Coffee

Perfecting coffee: this is our passion and obsession.
A simple idea achieved through sophisticated recipes: years of
experience; innovative packaging; enabling technologies and a
group of friends’ passion to create and innovate.

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One Planet

DANDO™ coffee is packaged in DANDO Eco Tubes™, 100% recyclable containers, 75% of which is manufactured from recycled materials.

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“I am excited to work with Dando – Choice Coffee as their first Brand Ambassador! Their ​​distinctive blends are created from​ ​the skillful blending and roasting of​ ​sustainably-grown​ ​Arabica beans,​ ​meticulously selected from twenty five​ ​estates, each with flavours unique to​ ​the​ ​region it comes from.​

Their passion to set the trend, shape the future and challenge the norm through new and innovative technologies is refreshing and highly addictive. They bring a new and fresh approach to the coffee industry, ​but ​never losing focus of the fundamental principal Dando – Choice Coffee was buil​t​ on – Giving back to the community!

Therefore, as a serious coffee lover and humanitarian, I am very proud to be associated with them.”

~ Katryn Kruger ~
  International Model

DANDO Scholarship

A significant portion of the profits from DANDO™ coffee sales
is given back to the community via projects such as the
“DANDO Scholarship program™”, a fund that helps to pay school
tuition for learners who can’t afford it.

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